Eliana Maria Nigro Rocha



Novidades 2018



Inserido em Abstracts Agosto a Dezembro de 2016:

- Altered Modulation of Silent Period in Tongue Motor Cortex of Persistent Developmental Stuttering in Relation to Stuttering Severity.

- An investigation of the effects of a speech-restructuring treatment for stuttering on the distribution of intervals of phonation.

- Anomaly in neural phase coherence accompanies reduced sensorimotor integration in adults who stutter.

- Behavioural, emotional and social development of children who stutter

- Childhood Neurogenic Stuttering Due to Bilateral Congenital Abnormality in Globus Pallidus: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

- Childhood Stuttering: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?



Inserido em Abstracts Agosto a Dezembro de 2016:

- A Brief Version of the Unhelpful Thoughts and Beliefs About Stuttering Scales: The UTBAS-6

- A comparison of three strategies for reducing the public stigma associated with stuttering




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- The Japanese version of the overall assessment of the speaker's experience of stuttering for adults (OASES-A-J): Translation and psychometric evaluation

- The Relationship Between Grammatical Development and Disfluencies in Preschool Children Who Stutter and Those Who Recover.

- The role of anxiety in stuttering: Evidence from functional connectivity.

- Using Network Science Measures to Predict the Lexical Decision Performance of Adults Who Stutter.

- Using the OASES-A to illustrate how network analysis can be applied to understand the experience of stuttering.




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- Speech Timing Deficit of Stuttering: Evidence from Contingent Negative Variations

- Stuttering as a trait or a state revisited: motor system involvement in persistent developmental stuttering.

- Stuttering in relation to the morphophonemics of Kannada.

- The Effects of Pitch Shifts on Delay-Induced Changes in Vocal Sequencing in a Songbird.

- The Effects of Self-Disclosure on Male and Female Perceptions of Individuals Who Stutter




Inserido em Abstracts Janeiro a Julho de 2017:

- Reduced perfusion in Broca's area in developmental stuttering

- Reorganization of brain function after a short-term behavioral intervention for stuttering

- Speaking-related changes in cortical functional connectivity associated with assisted and spontaneous recovery from developmental stuttering


Inserido em Abstracts Agosto a Dezembro de 2016:

- [Reasons and Consequences of Somatoform Disorders in Children and Adolescents]

- The placenta and neurodevelopment: sex differences in prenatal vulnerability





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